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HIVA - Research Institute for Work and Society is a multidisciplinary research institution at KU Leuven. HIVA carries out scientific policy-oriented research. Our research responds very specifically to all sorts of questions posed by policy-makers.

Research themes

HIVA’s research activities are organised in four research groups. Together, they cover 10 different, often inter-related themes

policy research centres

HIVA is involved in several policy research centres:

Steunpunt Onderwijsonderzoek – SONO (only available in Dutch)

Steunpunt Circulaire Economie

Steunpunt Welzijn, Volksgezondheid en Gezin (only available in Dutch)

De Vlaamse Regering besliste om vanaf 2016 dit programma te decentraliseren en de organisatie van een Steunpunt in handen te laten van de beleidsdomeinen.


HIVA is eveneens titularis van volgende onderzoeksleerstoelen.