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2013-2017 | InGRID: Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion

The Inclusive Growth policy challenge. Europe 2020 is the EU's growth strategy for the current decade. As part of this strategy, the EU wants to create more and better jobs and enhance social inclusion. Targets are set to reach high levels of employment and to combat poverty (see table). In reality we see today in Europe, however, a growing social vulnerability and a rise in precarious work. The policy challenges related to the European strategy of ‘Inclusive Growth’ are thus big. European policy-oriented research can and must deliver useful contributions to tackle these challenges. Key tools in this social science research are all types of data: earnings statistics, administrative social data, labour market data, surveys on quality of life or working conditions, policy indicators.

Contribution as science infrastructure. The project aims to integrate and optimize these existing European data infrastructures and accompanying expertise. Three types of activities will be organized: a) joint research to improve the quality, accessibility and comparability; b) the organisation of expert workshops and summer schools in order to promote knowledge transfer; c) researchers from other institutes and countries are invited to the data expert centres with visiting grants.

The project brings together 17 academic partners between 2013 and 2017 in an academic consortium. The goal of this integration is to provide the European scientific community with new and better opportunities to fulfil its key role in the development of evidence-based European policies on Inclusive Growth.

Themes. The InGRID project is organised in five thematic pillars: Poverty and living conditions; Working conditions and vulnerability; Policy analysis; Statistical quality management; Transnational access.

Meer informatie
  • European Commission - FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) | 1 februari 2013 - 31 januari 2017
  • onderzoeksleiders: Guy Van Gyes - Monique Ramioul
  • partners: TARKI Social Research Institute Inc (Budapest, HU), AIAS - Universiteit van Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NL), SOFI - Stockholm Universitet (Stockholm, SE), Universitaet Trier (Trier, DE), Centre d'Etudis Demographics (Barcelona, ES), CEPS INSTEAD (Luxembourg, LU), Universiteit Antwerpen - CSB (Antwerpen, B), University of Essex - ISER (Essex, UK), Universitaet Bremen (Bremen, DE), Centre d'etudes de l'emploi (Paris, FR)
  • http://inclusivegrowth.be/
  • Short presentation of the transnational access within the InGRID project: