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A 'housing monitor' for the city of Mechelen (Malines)

With the Flemish Housing Code local authorities in Flanders became responsible for the coordination of the local housing policy. Starting from this and from its contribution to the planning of public and private housing projects, the city council of Mechelen (Malines) wants to have at its disposal a monitoring instrument to support the development, implementation and evaluation of its housing policy. The task of the researchers is to develop a ‘housing monitor’ producing housing information for Mechelen in a structured way. This demands at first the delimitation of the monitoring object in thematic and geographical terms, taking into account the information needed by the policy makers. This demarcation process will be carried out in consultation with the city council, the civil servants and other relevant local stakeholders. The outcome of this process will outline the desired set of indicators for monitoring the local housing policy. The desired set of indicators will then be compared with the available data. For the delivery of available data agreements will be made with data suppliers. The data and indicators will be integrated in the local data management system, allowing also GIS-applications. A step by step procedure will be developed for putting into practice the other indicators. If necessary, new registration practices will be recommended. In the final stage attention will be paid to quality guaranteeing and follow-up care, ensuring an efficient and up-to-date use of the housing monitor in the future.


Stad Mechelen

project term

01 January 2008 - 31 December 2009

research manager